Dapper Dragin
Full* productions
*Most of the graphics and sounds are sourced by stock material mashing. This site focuses on the programming aspect of my game production.
Name: Someone In The Wind
Description: A game that can't be hurried
Platform: HTML5 / JavaScript
Note: Molding a vague idea into a full game

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Tutorial Title screen Game level Landing on a flower and collecting pollen
Name: Gatherer
Description: Experimental travel/survival game
Platform: Unity WebGL
Note: Production of this game is on hold. Also, no audio.

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Starting out Cooking food Traversing obstacles Finding the Golden Orb and winning the game
Name: Qruxit
Description: Puzzle inspired by Tetris
Platform: Unity WebGL
Note: Was originally developed for iOS (no longer available)

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Game board Block matching Game Over Level selection
Name: Mage's Library
Description: Twitch sorting game
Platform: Unity WebGL
Note: Original idea and custom graphics by Jakob Lahte

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Example level Book collision Game Over Level selection
Name: Matters of Gravity
Description: Play with space physics!
Platform: Flash
Note: A result of watching too much NASA TV

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Normal level Boss level Sectors (level collections) Buying upgrades
Name: Eggs 'n Loot
Description: Puzzle boardgame
Platform: Python
Note: Inspired by Robo Rally

Game board On-the-fly instructions Game Over In-depth tutorial
Name: SET
Description: Puzzle cardgame
Platform: Flash
Note: Original game design by Marsha Falco (1974)

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Game mode and difficulty selections Game board Game Over In-depth tutorial
Name: Windy Balloon
Contribution: Javascript particle effects system
Windy Balloon at Gamkedo games
Name: Thopiax: The Arena
Contribution: Player Character AI, Collision and Enemy AI Bugfixing
Thopiax at Gamkedo games
Name: Optiverse - Origins
Contribution: Level Editor (tool)
Optiverse at Gamkedo games
Name: SBNO
Description: MMORPG connected to IRL LARP
Platform: Java
Note: Never fully completed. Can be seen as a test project.